February Market Wrap-up... Stop, don't jump!


by R. Wills, Senior Partner, Retirement Surety

Man Jumping off Ledge

The S&P 500 has gained about 7% this year, but before anyone pops the Dom Perignon, remember this only puts us about where we were at this time last year! So for perspective, any investor clinging to the failed “buy and hold” stock market strategy is still underwater (around 15%) from the October 2007 highs and has scarcely made money the past 12 months!

And as pointed out in the January newsletter, this has been and will likely continue to be a  choppy, volatile, directionless market until the well documented “mountain of uncertainty” is downsized. When this will happen is anyone’s guess but let’s hope the November election will get the ball rolling.

So what about CDs and money market funds? Fed chairmen Bernanke has promised to keep the Fed rates low (around 0%) for the next two years so anyone placing money in these vehicles will get less than 3% with a 5 year CD and under 1% in most money market funds! Wow that’s great…… and with gas and food price continuing to rise, these paltry returns won’t begin to keep up with the cost of inflation. Ready to jump yet?

Well cheer up! Regardless of market direction, the price of oil, zero interest rates or the latest bad news, you can still profit and reclaim your financial future by diversifying a portion of your savings into any of our unique, safe money alternatives:

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Each of these assets is specifically designed to protect principal and produce consistent 6 to 8% annual returns with no stock market risk. They will also complement any diversified portfolio to help build sufficient wealth to retire well and protect against inflation.

We know many of you are up on the ledge and panic has set in. You’ve lost substantial money in the stock market, you’re paralyzed with fear and you don’t know what to do.  Just know this, you do not have to jump!


Instead call Retirement Surety. We have the expertise to rebuild your wealth and your financial future, even in these crazy and uncertain times! And by eliminating stock market risk, you’ll also sleep well at night and even look forward to opening next month’s statement.

So what are you waiting for, there is a safe way to get off the ledge. But there won’t be help until you make the call. And the sooner you act, the sooner we can talk you down!


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